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Transistor Key Transformerless Power Supply on IRF840 (English version)

transformerless power supply

Types of transformerless power supplies In industrial production equipment. And radio amateurs very often use transformerless low-power power supplies in their designs. Usually, two types predominate. The first is pulsed, in which the mains voltage is rectified and then powers a pulse generator of a higher frequency, from the secondary voltage of which the output […]


Capacity of the Capacitor and attachments Mili Micro Pico Nano — It turns out everything is simple

емкость конденсатора

Mili Micro Pico Nano consoles and confusion with Capacity The capacitor is its capacity, as well as some of the confusion that arises among beginning radio amateurs associated with this. Often when I touch on a capacitor in my videos or articles. Sometimes I hear questions: What is the difference between microfarad, nanofarad, picofarad, and so […]


🆕What is a Capacitor — Charge and Discharge of a Capacitor


What is a Capacitor Most radio components can be divided into two groups passive and active . And the capacitor must be attributed to the first group of passive components. In theory, any capacitor can be represented as two plates separated by an insulator. They are characterized by capacity. The unit of capacitance is the farad (F), defined as one coulomb per […]

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